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Δ Are you getting the internet speed you're paying for?

Internet providers boast such high speed services but are you really getting the speed you are paying for? I can test your connection speed and give you unbiased advice on saving money or boosting your speed.  

Δ Know your anti-virus system

Make sure you know what anti-virus system you have. There are lots of fake ones out there that will pop up and tell you your system is infected and trick you in to providing personal details to scam you. They can even block your system till you pay up and then it's too late. Just give me a call if you need any assistance. 

Don't let your computer or laptop overheat

Even in this very cold weather your PC or laptop gets very hot even under normal use. Dust builds up inside sticking to components, reducing airflow, making it run even hotter & increasing the risk of overheating. Laptops are especially prone to overheating. Call me now for a PC clean.

Δ Microsoft have stopped support for users with Windows XP Service Pack 1 & 2 from July 13, 2010

Make sure you have installed Service Pack 3.  For those of you with Windows Vista you need to make sure it has Service Pack 2. Not sure how to check then give me a call and I'll tell you how to for free. If your system needs updating I can do it for an affordable price. 

Δ Is your wireless internet secure?

A lot of people don't even realise their internet is not secured. If it isn't other people can use your connection and download illegal content that could get you in to trouble. I can do a free check and make sure it's not only secure but using the best secure method available.

Δ Windows Updates

Always update your system, Microsoft frequently update the windows system to help it work better or fix areas that stop people accessing your system. I can check your system for you, update it and set it to get updates automatically.

The PC Guy offers a PC or Laptop health check which includes some of the above issues plus many more.



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HomeTestimonialsCovid-19 WorkingBloggerAbout MeData ProtectionPrivacy PolicySitemap