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Fake Police viruses on the rise
As a PC/Laptop engineer I've seen a rise recently in the so called "Police Electronic Crime Unit" virus/malware.

When you fire up your machine you get a half or full page screen telling you your computer has been locked by a Police Force's elecrtronic crime unit due to you being found looking a untoward stuff etc. It then asks you to puchase 100 ucash to get your machine unlocked.

This is a complete scam to get your credit card information. The police do not ask for money. If you'd been looking at the kind of sites it suggests you'd have already been paid a visit no doubt and be behind bars.

If you get this scam then give me a call for an affordable removal service.

To avoid it all you can do is make sure you have decent and up to date anti-virus. Consider purchasing a active anti-malware system to go alongside your anti-virus such as the one at

The PC Guy
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