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Computer and IT services Trade Organisation ( CITS) Registration
A major problem with the computer repair industry is that anyone can set themselves up a business and call themselves an engineer. There is no trade body or organisation that checks them or they have to be a member of.

Well that it about to change with the launch of the new Computer and IT services Trade Organisation ( CITS) on 29th March 2013. It sets out to vet all companies that register with it and expects them to adhere to a code of conduct to make the trage more professional and easier for customers to know they are dealing with a bona fide company/individual.

The PC Guy is pleased to announce we will be signing up and once all checks have been completed we'll be fully registered and vetted in the scheme.

To check out the website go to which tells you all about the scheme.

Once we are fully registered the logo will be proudly displayed on the front page of the website and all material.

The PC Guy

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