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You don't need to spend loads of money to get software which does as good a job or better than the paid for programs. From office packages, anti-virus systems and CD/DVD creation software all can be downloaded for free perfectly legally.

The following list is my recommendations based on years of experience of using both paid for software and the free ones:


Two I regularly recommend is AVG Free  and Avast Free. Both very good programs which I use on my systems. Completely free and they regularly update themselves. All sorts of extra features too.

Office packages

You don't have to pay out ££££'s for Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is just as good and it's free. It's also compatible with Office documents and it's easy to use. For Outlook email get the Microsoft Windows Live mail, if you're not a networked business user it's just as good.

CD/DVD Creation

Nero now do a lite version of their package called Nero KwikBurn and there is also CDBurnerXP which I use frequently.

System cleaning

When your PC/Laptop gets slow an easy thing to try is to defragment it. The built in windows option does a reasonable job but there is better. My favourite is Defraggler, it's does a better job and gives you a graphical representation of whats going on.

To get rid of all those rubbish files left lying around use CCleaner, it'll clean your registry, clear all those temporary files and even lets you turn off programs you don't need starting up every time you fire up your system.

Malware,Scareware & Adware

Some great programs here are Malware Bytes, Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Like the anti-virus they all update with newer details of the bad stuff and get rid of all the nasties.







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