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Almost every home has wi-fi these days and if you go in to most hotels and even some restaurants you can get wi-fi (some free, some paid for).

In this day and age of mobile devices such as laptops, tablet PC's and smartphones wi-fi is a must.

It's a fantastic thing but can be infuriating at times with dropped connections or just slow speeds. A wired connection is still faster and solid but there are things that can be done to help.

Wireless routers use the same 2.4GHz frequency as a lot of other items. Baby monitors, cordless phones, bluetooth devices and wireless TV/Video senders all use the same frequency. However, it's split in to 13/14 channels. The aforemention devices usually use the first 4 channels so you can change your router to use the higher channels.

Other things can affect the signal strength such as obstructions, people, washing machines, tumble dryers and microwave ovens. So place your router away from anything else if possible.

If your signal is not reaching say upstairs then you can get a wireless repeater. This picks up the signal from your main router and sends it out again to improve the signal.

Wireless security

It's estimated that over 50% of home with wi-fi have not secured their wi-fi signal. If yours is not secure then anyone can use your connection and download what they like. It'll all be logged as if it was you doing it so if it's illegal downloads etc beware.

It can also slow down your internet if unknown to you someone else is using your connection. With so many wireless portable devices anyone near your home could connect. They could even disable your wireless device.

Your wireless may be secured but is it as secure as it should be. The best security level is WPA2 so make sure yours is showing that. If it's WEP it'll over a small amout of protection but it's easy to get around.

If you need any help with your wireless systems, need it securing or low signal strenght then give me a call.


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